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My Tool Kit: Flower Essences

Posted on January 8, 2016 at 7:00 PM

I can go days and days without any extra help but some days I just need more to keep going Full Steam Ahead. On those days I go to my “Tool Kit ”. It is an old cigar box I picked up at a 2nd Hand Store. Filled with things that will give me that extra something-something I need: Crystals, Tarot card, a Pendulum and the focus of this Flower Essences. When I go to it “These are some of my favorite things…” run through my head. Even now the thought of my box makes me smile.

Flower Essences were originally “discovered” by Edward Bach who worked and wrote about 38 essences. What are Flower Essences exactly? In short everything has a Vibration an Essence if you would. Flower essences are infused into water by floating flowers in the water under the Sun then preserving that water with Brandy (yes I said Brandy..say it with be BBBRRANDDEEE).

That Essence when ingested or placed on pulse points (for the less daring) helps the user with a particular issue that they may be going through. Those Vibrations a tune within us if you would. Oh and a little goes a long way, you only need a few drops (not droppers…Drops). Less is More here.

Each flower has its own Vibration/Essence and that Vibration/Essence works with a particular set of issues within us. As I said Bach had 38 that he discovered and worked with. He had 7 categories of issues and within each of those he had flowers that would help with an aspect of it. Now as I said many others are making flower essences some on a large level like Bach (though he has past the company lives on) and others on a smaller cottage level like myself (see my" target="_blank">Etsy Shop). There are a lot more than 38 available now a days and many times the same flower will be uses for the same issues with each seller and just as many other times the same flower will have a different purpose with between sellers. So who is right? I say them all. Especially if they are doing it on a smaller level like myself. How’s That??

No two people are unlike; even identical twins have their differences, the same with flowers. The Rose I grow in my New England Garden maybe very different then the Rose grown in a Sunny California garden. Trust the maker to have taken the time to gotten to know their flowers and how they want to heal us.

Now that that is out of the way let’s move on to the good stuff.

Depending on the issue you are dealing with you might want to work with the same essence daily or just as needed. This Fall when I was trying to let go of things that I let overwhelm me I pulled out my Essences placing them in a circle with the label facing away from me, I took my pendulum out and scryed to find the one I should use lo and behold it lead me to Joe Pye Weed Flower Essence~Letting Go of what Overwhelms Us. Perfect! I worked with that on a daily basis until I wasn’t overwhelmed any longer and I felt in control.

On New Year’s Ever I went to my box for guidance with the new year to come. Using the pendulum I pulled a stone, a card and a Flower Essence and they all lead me to Time. Or Thyme in the case of the Flower Essence; Thyme Flower Essence~Letting Go of the Control of Time. Perfect I had been feeling like I did not have enough “Time” to do all I wanted or needed. The following days seemed to be filled with time and I was able to do what I wanted. Or maybe it was how I perceived Time. Whatever it was I am grateful.

I suggest starting your own collection of Essences. You can start small adding on as you need them or can. I was lucky enough to learn how to make Flower Essence during my first Herbal Apprenticeship and have a great garden to work with. For those who need to buy there are plently of online source including myself (small plug there) if I don't have what you need I would first ask that you do try to by from some small who is crafting in small batches. So go out and get some Flower Essences they are a wonderful tool to put in your Tool Box.

Bright Blessing ~ Jenza


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