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Orange Peels

Posted on December 22, 2016 at 12:25 AM

Today is the first day of Winter.  Winter Solstice. Yule for some (and me!).

I am working on a few things to celebrate the turning of the Wheel. Tomorrow night I will be celebrating with a group and I am creating a Yuletide Tea Blend for that.  In that blend there will be Orange Peels.

If you aren't saving your Orange Peels now I highly recommend you do. So versatile.

The first thing I ever started using them for was simply Cleaning!

As I get the peels I just put them in a designated jar and cover with basic white vinegar as I go. Some times the jar fills quickly some times not so much. But I always have a jar going. Once jar is filled I just let it sit until peels look spent. 


This is a jar of peels after I drained the vinegar out. Next stop Compost! Waste not.

When I need to replenish my cleaning supply I strain the vinegar out. I put the strained vinegar into spray bottles and mix with Water. 1/3 Orange Peel Vinegar to 2/3 Water. Don't worry it's not an exact science play with your ratio. Just remember the more vinegar the more of the vinegar smell :)

I use this for my tough greasy cleaning.

In Tea was my next foray and Favorite way to use Orange Peels.

I cut them up smaller and dry them for the tea use.

As you might know I am a big believer (and practicer) of conituing education. While taking a Herbal Constituent class (yep pretty heavy stuff) I discovered that Orange Peels are considered Immune Modulators especially that bitter white part. In class we had a good laugh when on one of the videos we were watching the lecturer mentioned eating the orange peels as it is to get the benefits and it wasn't the best of experience. We had a group discussion of other less Bitter ways to get the benefit. I think we came up with in your morning smothies.

Next time I was starting to feel under the weather I added Orange Peels into my tea. Loved it!!


Stay Away Flu Tea

2 part Ginger

1 part Orange Peels

1/2 part Cinnamon

Honey to taste.

If you are more ambitious Orange Bitters!! Will save that for another blog though. Just teasing you today LOL!

~Bright Yuletide Blessings







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