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Marshmallow~ Althaea officinalis- Root Medicine Part I

Posted on April 10, 2017 at 2:45 PM

Marshmallow is one of the many lovely flowers that grace my garden. The Bees love it too.

Though the whole plant can be used it's the Roots that are mainly sort after. Spring and Fall are the best time of year for Harvesting Root Medicine because that is when "engery" of the plant is in the roots. I find Spring to be the more ideal of the 2 for certain type of plants. In the case of Marshmallow I find the roots more manageable and I can divide them easier so I have future plants.

It's April and Spring has sprung here in North West RI. I was able to get out into the garden today. As I was cutting down the dead growth I came across Marshmallows sprouting amoung the dead stalks.

I decided it was a good time to divide and re-plant. As I dug up the plant I found great roots. Left the "Mother" plant to continue producing and dug up the rest. Following the twisting roots I was easily able to separate the new plant growth from the larger roots which I harvested to dry later. Another reason I like to divide in the Spring. The new growth is there to guide me.

Freshly dug up Marshmallow Roots

New plants to be re-planted. 20 in all.

The roots after a quick rinse in scrub in the bath tub.

I rinsed the roots in warm water and scrubed off the dirt. I left them as whole as I could in the process so there would less exposured surface area. I will let dry overnight and cut up into smaller pieces to dry out before storing. When I use the dried root I mostly make an infusion using Cold water. Though most plants like a hot water infusion (tea) the constituents you want for Marshmallow come out in cold water better. Another reason I washed in Hot water and not Cold water. I didn't want those great demulcent properties to come out too early.

Hope you found this helpful.

~Bright Blessing Jenza





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