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Marshmallow~ Althaea officinalis- Root Medicine PART II

Posted on April 13, 2017 at 1:10 AM

You might had read my 1st Marshmallow Root blog and at the end you might had been like "Great I harvested now what?"  Well here is where we left off. Rinse and scrub your roots to get rid of the dirt. Remember Cold Water draws out the demulcent properties quicker than warm or hot water which is why you make a Marshmallow infussion with cold water and not hot like a tea.  so use warm water for that wash/scrub part.You will want to get the root into smaller pieces within a day or 2 of harvesting. Once it starts to dry the inner root gets to hard to work with easily.

Next assemble your Tools. I recommend 2 bowls. 1 for the scrapes and one for the end product. I also like a peeler and a paring knife. 

The goal is to take off the outer layer without scarifcing too much of the inner goodness. I recommend using the peeler or knife just to start a small strip then pull the rest of the strip off with your fingers. It takes longer but you loss less. If you use peel or knife to take off a long strip you tend to go deeper into flesh.

The paring knife come in handy to remove the unwanted parts. See below for how much I was able to save.

 Isn't it so Pretty?? All nice and white.

I am not going to lie. This can be time consuming but so worth it. I suggest doing when you are watching tv. I was lucky enough and one of my friends" target="_blank">Oneca Fine Arts had posted a live video the night before so I was able to watch that while I peeled. The video was over an hour long and I still had peeling to do when it was over so I went to Youtube and watched my favorite herbalist talk about Marshmallow. It's not over when the peeling is over. You have to get it even smaller to be able to dry. Sorry folk time to put on Nextfil or catch up on your DVR. I went with Tiny House Hunters ;).  

Next I peeled it some more. Think String Cheese and how that peels. The knife comes in handy for this too. The peeler will get too gunky. After 3 episodes and the help of my mother and son. I got it all finished.

Actually I have more to do. I will give it a bit of a rough chop before putting in the dehydrator. Once dry I will leave it in the larger pieces (less air exposures) and only grind it up as needed in my coffee grinder.

Stay tune for My Mad Scientist Blog to see what I did with the scrapes.

Bright Blessing ~Jenza


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