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A Snow Day for a Herbalist- Tinctures, Fire Cider, Elixirs and other concoctions

Posted on January 9, 2015 at 6:25 PM

1st snow of the season

Winter Greetings!

Snow season finally hit RI at the end of January. Above is a picture of the 1st "Big" snow we have gotten. A lot more has piled on top of that. Today is the 3rd Snow Day I had from work. When I am at work and it's slow I am always thinking about what I could be doing at home instead. It usually involves my passion Jenza's Garden. So today given yet another day off I made sure I was not going to waste it.

Getting ready to work

I gathered all my starters of Tinctures, Elixir, Fire cider and other Concoctions that have been sitting and waiting to be strained off. Starters... for a lack of better word is the 1st step in making one of the above. It is the plant matter in the menstrum (medium, liquid, etc of choice) that sits for at least a month. In this case since fall or longer. Until I need them they can get over looked. They had been sitting on a shelf in my apothecary just waiting. Today they waited no longer.

Wild Violet Cough Elixir

I strained them out one by one. Starting with Wild Violet Elixir. I love using the plants that grow wild on my land. Violets have an expectorant quality. Some of this summer's harvest went into an elixir using brandy and local honey.

Violet Flower Tincture

Did I mention we have a lot of Wild Violets on our property? I also tinctured the flowers.  The flowers are still so pretty. Not shown I made Wild Violet Leaf Oil for it's demulcent property this summer after the flowers died off. It's lovely on the skin.

Winter Cough Elixir

You can never have enough cough medicine. This one is a concoction of Elecampane root, Horehound both from my garden and orange peels. All have been sitting in Brandy since this fall. After straining I added honey to sweeten. Yum Yum.

Again so important to harvest and use things that the land offers. We have this small grove of Winged Sumac. I harvested the berries from them this fall.

I turned the berries into a tincture. From what I heard should help with upper respiratory issues. Next year I am going to try a syrup with them. I need to do some more research. From my research so far can use similarly to the more commonly uses Staghorn Sumac. What a lovely color!

Calendula Oil

Speaking of lovely colors, look out yellow my Calendula Oil turned out. Think I am going to use it as a body oil.

Lastly I strained out my annual Fire Cider then pressed it out to get even more goodness out of it.

Can you believe all of this liquid was still in the material after I strained it?

I was able to extract almost 3 more cups of liquid and reduce all the plant matter to this small amount.

"Torchietto" Stainless Steel Eggplant Press

I highly recommend purchasing a press. It is so helpful getting that last bit of liquid out. You can search for "Tincture" presses but I found those to be very expensive. I forget where I purchased this one from but I bought it as an Eggplant press.


Have you ever seen a lovely bunch of Compost??

Today was a great Snow Day!

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