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Thoughts on a Witch's Garden: Part I

Posted on May 2, 2018 at 1:25 PM

A Witch’s Garden

In June I will be the teacher of the month in an online" target="_blank">Magical group. My topic: “A Witch’s Garden”. Now in the 2nd day of May I have been reflecting upon that.

What is a “Witch’s Garden”?

What is a “Witch”?

I think I will tackle being a Witch first.

First thing to know I hate Labels they can be so pigeon holing. By calling myself a witch what did that mean? What would people think it meant? Will they think that I think I have powers like the sisters on Charmed? Do I even care what people think? Well yes, sometimes, but really no.

By accepting this label was I accepting Other People’s definition of it? Back and forth this went. Finally with acceptance I accepted and wrote my own definition of it. As all things I am sure it will be ever changing, Ebbing and Flowing with where I am in the moment of my life.

Everyone will be different but for me accepting my Witchyness and the label meant I live by the Turn of the Wheel. I celebrate the changing of the Seasons. I accept and honor not only the Masculine Divine energy but the Feminine Divine as well. I live in a modern world but try to live in harmony with nature when I can. I am trying to leave the world a better place; I am a steward of the land. I understand the energy is in everything and flows around us the "Magical" part is trying to tap into that and us it. So in these ways I am a Witch and I have a Garden. 

Gardening is one way I express my Witchyness. I am sure you have all seen the “Quizzes” on Facebook to find out which type of Witch you are. Good, Bad, Black, White, Green etc. (Side Bar-my friend in cyber security has warned me away from taking those quizzes. Data Mines & Viruses). I am definitely the Green/Hedgewitch type. I am my best self in the garden among the plants.

I don’t dance around fires naked, though I do dance and a fire may be involved. I don’t ride a broom but I have a broom. Yes I have a witches’ hat because it’s awesome and fun to wear. Magical Powers? Well a girl got to have some secrets.

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