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Mullein Mullein Everywhere

Posted on May 21, 2018 at 12:00 AM

Mullein Mullein Everywhere

I called to you

and you came and came, flourishing

Tall and Full of Sun

~Jenza 5/20/2018


Mullein: Verbascum thapus

Gender: Feminine

Planet: Saturn/Sun (I lean towards Sun)

Element: Fire

Deity: Jupiter

Powers: Courage, Protection, Health, Love, Divination, Exorcism.

Today on the day of the Sun I harvested both the leaves and roots. Though only from the garden paths. I figured if it made it into a bed it could stay. It’s still Spring and they have not flowered yet. It's that time of year I start cleaning up the garden.  I make sure when I “weed” out those who might not be coming up in the most ideal space I find a use for them. I want to be respectful to those who came.

Mullein is a Biennial. The first year they are just simple rosettes of leaves. 2nd year they stalk, flowers appear on the stalk, flowers turn to seeds. Repeat. Once they come they will usually stay.

Years ago, if I found one Mullein on our land I would be surprised. Now today I cannot even count all the mullein plants that have made their home here for their short 2-year life. Somewhere I learnt that if you called to them, if you let them know they were welcome, they would come. I called they came. 

There are Two varieties of Mullein at Jenza's Garden. The common with its single proud stalk of golden flowers and the Greek Mullein with several stalks.

The common came when I called.

The Greek I brought in but thought I failed. I planted seeds in flats (why I repeatedly try this method I don’t know because I fail at it 90% of the time) and forgot about them (which is often the reason for failure). The next year I when they came back in same flats I was hesitant to ID them but planted them never the less and Wah La: They have come back each year reseeding themselves, thriving here.


Today’s harvest will become a few things. I will make some of the root and leaves into an oil that I will use on my feet. Last year I developed Plantar Fasciitis (you are probably grimacing if you know what I am talking about, if you never heard it, Simplified: Feet in Pain with every step). Though Mullein is known as an herb for the Lungs when doing some research before an herb walk I was giving I found a reference of Mullein Leaves being used to treat Plantar Fasciitis due to its anti-inflammation quality. You were to put the leaf in your shoe. I will admit I never tried it. It seemed that the leave would be irritating and truthfulIy I can be lazy when it comes to my own health. Oh, and why both Roots and Leaves? Synergy. 

With a lot of stretching and staying off my feet by Spring the pain was hardly there. Then I started full throttle in the garden this Spring. OUCH! I decided I was going to make a Mullein Oil to rub on my aching feet. I will probably blend with Solomon Oil which a friend used on hers. So that is USE/Purpose #1 today. Rest I will dry for later use. Will sell some for Magical uses.


It was a bit damp today. I have what I harvested is now laying spread out on a sheet to dry off a bit. Tomorrow I will shake off the dirt. I will cut off and wash the roots. Drying out again before making the oil. The leaves that will not be used for oil will go into the dehydrators after being cleaned off. 

Be Warned the following Recipe is not a Recipe At All. It is a Guideline, A Suggestion with one Caveat: Must use a Crockpot with WARM SETTING- If you don’t have a Warm Setting don’t even try. Low can be too high!


Folk/Crockpot Method

Step One: Get some Fresh or Dried Mullein- Leaf and/or Root

– If it is fresh make sure not damp and tear or chop up a bit into small pieces (no I am not going to tell you how big, use best judgement, I will tell you the more surface area the better, ie: the smaller the better).

Step Two: Fill up crockpot no more than ¾ with the Mullein

Step Three: Cover with Oil of Choice. Make sure no plant material sticks out of oil but no more than 1 inch of oil above the material. Too much oil and too little plant material your oil is not as potent.

-I prefer Grapeseed Oil because longer shelf life and Grapeseed absorbs better than some other oil choices.  

To put lid on or not put lid on, that is the question.

With lid on Condensation can occur and if you bang on lid water will go back into oil. Water and Oil do not Mix. Water can cause oil to spoil. With that being said I like keeping lid on, I feel (no research to back this) that if the lid is off the volatile oil can evaporate so I want them to hit the lid liquify and go back into oil. Again, this is just me. No research to back this. If anyone does the research let me know. If you go with Lid On method. Gently remove lid occasionally and wipe off water.

Lid off method. Perfectly fine. I am probably making up this volatile oil bit (though not with TEA so true with Tea!). The thickness of the Oil might hold in the Volatile Oils. I mean really whom am I to say?

Step Four: Turn on to WARM

TIME: I would say at least 3 hours in my experience. Overnight is okay. Look at the Plant Material. Does it look all Wilted and Done? Then it’s Done.

Storage: I suggest a glass jar with a good seal. If a clear jar, make sure in cabinet out of light. If amber or dark colored glass, make sure out of direct light.

Use: Well that’s up to you. Research.

Go Forth and Experiment, Learn from Trial & Error, Have Fun.

~Bright Blessing Jenza

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